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In-House Information

In house teams typically play their games at the Voorhees Middle School in one of the two gyms which are there. The High School division is the specific part of in-house which is for high school aged boys and girls, and they typically play at Eastern High School. Click here for more information. 

We have evaluations for each of our In-house divisions (Grades 3 through 8 are evaluated, and the High School division players are also evaluated). The sole purpose of evaluations is to allow the In-house league coaches to assess the players' skill level for the purpose of creating teams with relative parity. 

Evaluations ARE NOT Tryouts. Every child who registers (and pays) for In-house basketball WILL be on a team. Evaluations help the coaches, who may not know the kids very well, get a chance to see their level of play so that we can form teams which are relatively evenly matched. - Evenly matched teams play close games, and that makes for a more interesting, and fun program for the players. 

In-house basketball games are typically played Monday - Friday at the Voorhees Middle School. Your games will NOT be on the same day, every week. - - For example you may play on Wednesday of week 1, Monday of Week 2, and Thursday of week 3, etc. Typically, we schedule the younger grades (4th and 5th grade) for the earlier game-time slots. Games typically start at 6:00 pm, last about an hour, and we schedule 3 games per night, per gym. (IE a 6pm, 7pm and 8pm game) in each of the two gyms at the Voorhees Middle School. (The Wood Floor gym, and the APR (All Purpose Room) gym. 

Registration for the In-house division (excluding High School) is $130 for each child you have in this division. - Click on the High School Division button for more information about the High School division. 

You can register for our league using our new Registration System. 

Player is not registered until payment is received. 

Good Sportmanship is essential. The Voorhees Basketball Association has a Parents and Players Code of Conduct which you can access by clicking the Handouts button. When you register to participate in the VBA, you are agreeing to abide by this Code of Conduct. 

* In - House Evaluations will listed on the website home page. 
* Teams will be formed, and players and parents notified generally by late October. 

* Practices begin generally in early November. 

* Games begin generally in late November and end (including playoffs) by early March. 

* Please read the Bylaws to understand the ideas that govern the VBA. 

* All weather-related cancellations will be posted to this website by 5:00 of game day! Check here to see if the game's on! 

* VBA operates under a philosophy of developing players not winning games. 

Field Status

Open Open

Eastern HS (10:09 PM | 11/05/14)

Open Open

Gym 2 (10:12 PM | 11/05/14)

Open Open

VMS (12:03 PM | 11/19/14)

Open Open

APR (12:03 PM | 11/19/14)

Open Open

WOOD (12:17 PM | 11/19/14)